Airdrop and Bounty XBornID Token

We are very grateful for the feedback of friends in the previous assignment regarding the introduction of the XBornID token. It’s very useful for us, your criticism, suggestions, and feedback will be considered, if all we can do, then we will do our best for XBornID token growth. Now we have held Airdrop and Bounty since July 20th.

Rules as follows:

Airdrop: We distribute Token XBornID on Airdrop.
Anyone who will be entitled to get 1000 Token XBornID to distribute at the end of the event.
This event is limited to only the first 50k participants.

requirement :

1. Join our official telegram group at //  and enter your telegram username
2. Join our official telegram channel at //  and enter your telegram username
3. Join our partner telegram channel at //  and enter your telegram username  (optional)
4. Follow, Re-tweet post pinned and tag 5 friends
5. LIKE this video and subscribe us on //
6. Subscribe to our website by entering your email in the subscribe column //
Bounty :

Make a video review about XBornID Token
Get 5000  XBornID Token
– Minimum has 1k subscribers
– Video duration of at least 2 minutes
Links : 

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