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Only the AIRDROP and BOUNTY free for community engagement


Solutions for Developers of Android Applications

There are now many developers of android applications are very creative with various categories android applications are made, but they are a hard sell to the public. The reason is because they do not have the funds to enroll in the Google Play Developer (PlayStore). And another reason they face is that they do not have a credit card. Now, XBornID is present to resolve this problem, by paying only 10000 XBornID tokens, so developers can already have apps released in their own ads with the playstore in their application. They will be paid from the ads that are installed in the application.

For those who do not have expertise in create android applications, don’t worry! We can also recommend that those who want to create your own android application without understanding programming. Those who want to create Android applications quickly and easily without any expertise or experience in creating android applications, we recommend using a third party and free (contact the admin to find out some of the sites that provide the manufacture free application).

In other cases, tokens also serve as rewards that can be used by youtubers to give giveaway to its subscribers.


“All the conditions that are created can be changed and the XBornID team is not liable for any damage or loss of your money, we just give you a free token. All the functions and the presence of the token depending on its holder “.

Token Name: XBORN ID
Token Symbol: XBornID
Token Decimal: 18
Token Supply: 500.000.000
Smart Contract: 0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4


November 2018 : – Airdrops

                                – Bounties

                                – Listings in some Exchange

January 201 9 :      – Open programs

                                 – Release Form – Available Applications

March 2019:          – Development Platform



Token Freeze : 20% of the token supply

Team : 10% (in freeze during the division of the airdrops and bounties)

Operating : 10% (for running project)

Airdrops and Bounties : 60% (some will BURN if not exhausted in the share)

Just FREE !!

we share 60% of the total supply as airdrop.

1 Million For ECEX users
300 Million For XBorn ID members

🌟Solution For Android Apps🌟

🌐Website: //www.xbornid.com
🔶Token name: XBORN ID
🔶Token Symbol: XBornID
🔶Token Decimals: 18
🔶Token Address: 0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4

Etherscan : //etherscan.io/token/0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4

♻️ Exchange ♻️

▶️Ecex : //ecex.exchange/portal/trading_erc20?m=ETH&t=XBornID PAIR ETH/XBornID
//ecex.exchange/portal/trading_erc20?m=ZIG&t=XBornID PAIR ZIG/XBornID

▶️TokenJar : //tokenjar.io/XBORNID
▶️ForkDelta : //forkdelta.app/#!/trade/0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4-ETH
▶️EtherDelta : //etherdelta.com/#0xd58132f2fbd65f02beee0626542e6ee059009ab4-ETH






☑️Telegram Group : //t.me/XBornIDcommunity
☑️Telegram Channel : //t.me/XBornID
☑️Twitter : //twitter.com/AirdropXBorn
☑️Youtube : //www.youtube.com/xbornid
☑️Bitcointalk : //bitcointalk.org/xbornid
☑️App Playstore : //play.google.com
☑️Medium : //medium.com/@xborn_id
☑️LinkedIn : //www.linkedin.com/in/xbornid
☑️Reddit : //www.reddit.com/user/xbornid
☑️Facebook : //www.facebook.com/AirdropXBorn
☑️Github : //github.com/xbornid


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