Event time: 25th Nov 00:00:00 – 25th Des 23:59:59 (UTC +8)

Event rewards: 5,500,000 XBORNID

Event rules:

1 The First Event : First Buy Transaction

During the event, the first 100 users who completed the first XBORNID buy transaction with a transaction volume of at least 100,000 XBORNID will receive a reward of 5,000 XBORNID per person.

2 The Second Event : Snapshot of XBORNID Assets

During the event , ECEX will take a snapshot of XBORNID assets held in users’account on 12:00:00 (UTC +8) every Monday. Users whose average XBORNID assets is no less than 100,000 XBORNID can share 1,000,000 XBORNID. The above-mentioned airdrop of 1,000,000 XBORNID will be divided across XBORNID users proportionately according to their XBORNID holdings.

3 The Third Event : Trade Competition

During the event, the top 50 users of XBORNID’s trading volume (buy + sell, excluding self-transaction) can get the following rewards:

Rank Rewards (XBORNID) Basic Trading Volume (XBORNID)
TOP 1 1.100.000 10.000.000
TOP 2 500.000 1.000.000
TOP 3 100.000 500.000
TOP 4-50 50.000 250.000


4 The traders’XBORNID trading volume needs to reach the basic trading volume in order to get the full reward of the activity. 

5 The awards will be awarded to the winners within 10 working days after completion of the event.

6 The platform will conduct strict qualification examination of the account. Once the account is found to have fraudulent accounts or duplicate accounts, such as malicious rewards, the applicant will immediately cancel the qualifications and refuse to provide other transaction related services to the account.

7 The final interpretation of this event is owned by ECEX.



Solutions for Developers of Android Applications

There are now many developers of android applications are very creative with various categories android applications are made, but they are a hard sell to the public. The reason is because they do not have the funds to enroll in the Google Play Developer (PlayStore). And another reason they face is that they do not have a credit card. Now, XBORNID is present to resolve this problem, by paying only 100.000 XBORNID tokens, so developers can already have apps released in their own ads with the playstore in their application. They will be paid from the ads that are installed in the application.

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In Bahasa Indonesia


Waktu acara: 25 th November 00:00:00 – 25 th Desember 23:59:59 (UTC +8)

Hadiah acara: 5.500.000 XBORNID

Aturan acara:

1 Acara Pertama: Transaksi Pembelian Pertama

Selama acara, 100 pengguna pertama yang menyelesaikan transaksi pembelian XBORNID pertama dengan volume transaksi minimal 100.000 XBORNID akan menerima hadiah sebesar 5.000 XBORNID per orang.

2 Acara Kedua: Snapshot dari Aset XBORNID

Selama acara, ECEX akan mengambil snapshot dari aset XBORNID yang disimpan di akun pengguna pada pukul 12:00:00 (UTC +8) setiap hari Senin. Pengguna yang rata-rata aset XBORNID-nya tidak kurang dari 100.000 XBORNID dapat berbagi 1.000.000 XBORNID. Airdrop yang disebutkan di atas 1.000.000 XBORNID akan dibagi di seluruh pengguna XBORNID secara proporsional sesuai dengan kepemilikan XBORNID mereka.

3 Acara Ketiga: Kompetisi Trading

Selama acara, 50 pengguna atas volume perdagangan XBORNID (beli + jual, tidak termasuk transaksi sendiri) bisa mendapatkan hadiah berikut:

Peringkat Hadiah (XBORNID) Volume Perdagangan Dasar (XBORNID)
TOP 1 1.100.000 10.000.000
TOP 2 500.000 1.000.000
TOP 3 100.000 500.000
TOP 4-50 50.000 250.000

4 Volume perdagangan trader’XBORNID harus mencapai volume perdagangan dasar untuk mendapatkan imbalan penuh dari aktivitas tersebut. 

5 Hadiah akan diberikan kepada pemenang dalam waktu 10 hari kerja setelah acara selesai.

6 Platform akan melakukan pemeriksaan kualifikasi yang ketat dari akun tersebut.Setelah akun ditemukan memiliki akun penipuan atau akun duplikat, pemohon akan segera membatalkan kualifikasi dan menolak memberikan layanan terkait transaksi lainnya ke akun tersebut.

7 Interpretasi terakhir dari acara ini adalah milik ECEX.


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